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I am captivated by the potential of machine learning and its applications, while also deeply passionate about exploring low-level intricacies through security vulnerability research.

About me

  • Pronoun: He/Him
  • Nationality: Vietnamese
  • Live in Île-de-France 🏡
  • Languages: Vietnamese - French - English
  • ✉️ Email: [email protected]
  • 📝 Biography: View here
  • 💖 Personality: INFJ-T
  • Hobbies: Guitar, Painting, Photography, Graphic designing


  • C, C++: Low-level network-system programming, IoT (ESP32)
  • Javascript and Typescript: Web full-stack. This CV is made using NextJS
  • Python: web backend, making games, machine learning
  • Java, Kotlin: developing applications for Android
  • Assembly: reverse engineering on x86 and MIPS binaries (IDA Pro, Ghidra)
  • Experience in Docker and Linux security (AppArmor, SELinux,...)
  • Bug hunting: penetration testing on (JWT forging; 2022), (XSS; 2018), (XSS; 2018). Bug bounty awarded.
  • Browser extensions development (since 2020)
  • Facebook Messenger bot development (since 2017)
  • Answer to questions on StackOverflow (since 2021):


2019 - 2023

Engineer's degree (Master)

INSA Centre Val de Loire

  • Security and IT Technologies Department (STI)
  • Apprenticeship program (3 years)
  • Awarded: Valedictorian
  • Secnumedu training certified by ANSSI

2018 - 2019


Aix-Marseille University

  • Courses: Computer Science, Mechanics, Physics
  • Participated in Math-Info Licence 2 courses as a free auditor

2017 - 2018

Intensive French course

L'Institut français de Hanoi

  • Preparing the DELF and TCF exam
  • Learning about culture in France

2016 - 2017

Bachelor of Computer Science

Vietnam National University

  • Basic programming (in C, C++ and Java)
  • Courses: Mathematics and Physics

Working experiences

Network and system engineer at Snowpack: C++ and Flutter developer
September 2022 - now

Network and system engineer at Snowpack: C++ and Flutter developer

Snowpack is a startup that combines privacy and security on the internet using an overlay network to ensure users are truly invisible online. It is based in Paris and Vienna and is a spin-off from CEA, the largest applied research center in France. Snowpack has been in development for over five years and has attracted support from EIT Digital.

My works:

  • Participating in the development of Snowpack in C++ and Flutter.
  • Optimizing of system performance and stability. Bug / vulnerability fixes.
  • Participating in the certification process of the Snowpack solution, development of unit tests and applied documentation.
  • Engineering and maintaining the platform API server

Skills : C, C++, Python, Typescript (API server), Flutter (desktop app), Swift (iOS), Kotlin (Android), Network Security, Docker


Apprentice at Botfuel: Full-stack web developer
September 2020 - September 2022

Apprentice at Botfuel: Full-stack web developer

Botfuel is a startup specialized in conversational intelligence. We offer virtual assistance solutions based on artificial intelligence to optimize the customer relationship management of brands. Our virtual assistance can be installed on a brand's existing e-commerce site.

My works:

  • Developing virtual assistance solutions based on artificial intelligence.
  • Building and maintaining the chatbox (chat window) widget that can be installed on e-commerce sites of our clients.
  • Implementing integrations with external channels including Facebook Messenger and Zendesk.

Skills: Flask (Python), Docker, ReactJS, websocket


Internship at SimpleLogin: 
Browser extension developer
July 2020

Internship at SimpleLogin: Browser extension developer

Open-source software

SimpleLogin is an open-source service to help you protect your email address by giving you a permanent alias email address. SimpleLogin is currently a subsidiary of ProtonMail.

My works:

  • Developing the extension that allows users to generate an alias email address and fill out forms automatically.
  • Optimizing the user experience of the extension.

Skills: Browser extension development (Chrome / Firefox), VueJS


Dong Hanh association: 
Web developer and maintainer
March 2021 - now

Dong Hanh association: Web developer and maintainer

Charity organization

Dong Hanh is a charity organization established in 2001, which aims to help underprivileged students in Vietnam in their studies and life. Through continuous efforts since the day of its establishment, Dong Hanh has become a companion to many young Vietnamese on their way to achieving their dreams.

My works:

  • Maintain and install features, including the internationalization (i18n) and contact forms. Update the server and backup the database regularly.
  • Improve SEO. Optimize loading speed using CDN.

Skills: Wordpress, ReactJS, Google Cloud Storage


Vietnam Organization for Gender Equality: Graphic designer / HR
January 2021 - January 2023

Vietnam Organization for Gender Equality: Graphic designer / HR

Non-government organization

Vietnam Organization for Gender Equality – VOGE, a youth-led organization for the rightful interests of all members in our society, was founded in 2016 with the mission to build new generations of Vietnamese fully equipped with knowledge on gender injustice, along with a sense of responsibility and consciousness to change that for the community’s well-being.

My works:

  • Design illustrations for articles
  • Manage human resources and organize bonding sessions
  • Develop Trello Power-Ups for helping members to organize their works
  • Develop and maintain our website

Skills: Adobe Photoshop, Trello Power-Up development, Facebook/Meta Platform API, Wordpress


Union des étudiants vietnamiens à Aix-Marseille: Web developer / maintainer
2019 - 2022

Union des étudiants vietnamiens à Aix-Marseille: Web developer / maintainer

Non-profit organization

Union des étudiants vietnamiens à Aix-Marseille (UEVAM) is a social organization of Vietnamese students living and studying in two cities: Aix-en-Provence and Marseille, France. The mission of our website is to provide useful information for students, especially ones who have just arrived in France.

My works:

  • Maintain, update the server and backup the database regularly.
  • Improve SEO. Optimize loading speed using CDN.

Skills: Wordpress, ReactJS, Google Cloud Storage


Personal projects

Collaborator of llama.cpp

2024 - now
llama.cpp enables LLM inference with minimal setup and state-of-the-art performance on a wide variety of hardware.
Project website:

Stack-based virtual machine visualization

Feburary 2022
For using in "Compilation" course at INSA Centre Val de Loire. This project has been used by my teachers since 2022. It provides a user interface for teachers and students to learn how to write assembly code for a stack-based machine.
Live demo:

Amazon Kindle Jailbreaking

2021 - 2022
This project aims to unleash the power of the Amazon Kindle e-book reader. This is done by “jailbreaking”, or taking the root access of the device.

Facebook Messenger bot (inactive)

2017 - 2020
This Messenger bot allows high school students to meet and chat with other high school students they don’t know.

  • Used by: around 10,000 users
  • Technologies used: NodeJS, MongoDB, Firebase and AngularJS

Android Application "Ban co biet" (Collaboration)

2016 - 2018
Responsible for designing UI and programming
Application offering verified and fun anecdotes on various subjects: science, history, cinema, sport, etc.

Custom Linux kernel for Sony Xperia M (inactive)

2014 - 2017 Kernel allowing users to access advanced features of their Sony Xperia M smartphone (overclocking, I/O control, etc.)


LinkedIn article: How did I optimize my Wordpress website?

LinkedIn article: How did I optimize my Wordpress website?

Some techniques that I used for optimizing the speed of my wordpress blog.

Graphic design: Violence against men

Graphic design: Violence against men

For an article of Vietnam Organization for Gender Equality, based on The Johnny Depp & Amber Heard Case.

Blog article (in french): Un tour de Hanoi

Blog article (in french): Un tour de Hanoi

In 2018, I had the opportunity to visit several interesting sites in Hanoi with Phuong, who is a professional tour guide.

Guitar & sing: Seeing autumns go by (vietnamese song)

Guitar & sing: Seeing autumns go by (vietnamese song)

A creation of Trinh Cong Son (1963). Guitar cover by Xuan Son NGUYEN

Technical article: Behind Tinder

Technical article: Behind Tinder

Discover the underlying work of the Tinder application

Gouache Painting (Nang Tho - Muse)

Gouache Painting (Nang Tho - Muse)

Based on a scene in the Music Video “Nang Tho” (by Hoang Dung)

This portfolio

This portfolio

In summer 2022, I completely rebuild my portfolio, using NextJS. This new version of my portfolio aims to focus on the SEO, speed and accessibility.

Photography: album "Loanh quanh"

Photography: album "Loanh quanh"

Photos taken in the centre ville of Bourges (2021)

Piano & sing (vietnamese pop song)

Piano & sing (vietnamese pop song)

Song: Phai co em (by Kai Dinh)

Drawing / Sketching

Drawing / Sketching

Depict a scene in the Parc Bagatelle, Paris

Vietnamese poem "Rose"

Vietnamese poem "Rose"

One of my creations in 2021

Latest news

2023: Professional Growth and Academic Milestones

In 2023, my journey at Snowpack continued to flourish as I excelled in my role, leveraging my expertise to contribute to the company's mission in cybersecurity. Embracing the dynamic nature of my work, I delved deeper into the intricacies of the Linux kernel, exploring concepts such as Docker, Linux namespaces, and SELinux with fervor and enthusiasm. As my responsibilities expanded, I found myself applying my backend development skills to enhance Snowpack's server infrastructure, while also leveraging my frontend expertise to improve the desktop application using cutting-edge technology like Flutter.

Photo of myself at school and on TV:

Amidst my professional endeavors, I reached a significant academic milestone - I graduated from my three-year apprenticeship program, officially becoming a certified engineer. This achievement was accompanied by the honor of being named valedictorian of my cohort, a testament to my dedication and perseverance throughout my academic journey. Additionally, I was selected as the spokesperson for my apprenticeship program, entrusted with delivering a speech at the graduation ceremony - an opportunity I embraced with humility and pride.

As 2023 unfolded, each achievement and milestone served as a testament to my growth and dedication, propelling me forward on my journey of continuous learning and professional excellence. With gratitude in my heart and determination in my spirit, I eagerly embraced the opportunities that lay ahead, ready to make a meaningful impact in the ever-evolving landscape of technology.

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This portfolio is coded by Xuan Son NGUYEN, using NextJS and TailwindCSS

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