My name is Xuan Son Nguyen. I was born on 17 April 1998, in Hoa Binh province, Vietnam.

My family moved to Hanoi when I was 2 years old (in 2000). That was the first time I use a computer. There was a very old computer with an Intel i386 processor and Windows 98 pre-installed. At that time, my sister taught me to play some 8-bits game.

In the summer of 2005 (I was 7 years old), having a good access to the internet via my aunt’s computer, I wondered if I can do more than just playing games. I was immediately impressed by tutorials for HTML and JavaScript. I played a lot on that, made the simple application that can decode/encode messages, protecting stuffs using password and more.

One of my very first programs. This program ask for the username and password, then it provide access to my secret files

Having realized I’m passionate about information technology, I often go online and search for new knowledge and guidance. During this period, I also learned about electronics. In this domain, I also be taught by my father who had a degree in electronics. I made myself an FM transmitter, some amplifier circuits (for making a speaker) and more.

My self-made amplifier circuit, hooking up with a speaker

At secondary school, my teachers found that I’m a pupil who is talented in technology. They often ask me to help them with problems on computer, for example PowerPoint or just joining, splitting music.

In 2011 (I was 13), while my friends still learning how to printing some thing out of Pascal, I had have already made a program which calculate area of triangle, circle and rectangle. After that I made many progresses on learning programming and algorithm.

In 2012 (I was 14), my parents bought me a Samsung smartphone. That was the first time that I used an Android smartphone. I played a lot with it: root, modify system files and reverse smali / xml codes. With my Photoshop skill, I made many big progresses during this period.

My home screen back then

In 2014, made my first Android app using Java. The app named “Jelly Music”, which was downloaded by about 100 users. It was taken down from Play Store 2 years later, due to compatibility problem. However, the source code of this app can still be accessed on my github.

Jelly Music, a beautify app for listening to music

In 2015, cooperating with my brother-in-law, we made an Android app named “Ban co biet”, which allow users to read interesting facts with detailed sources. The application can be found on Play Store.

In 2016 (I was 17 years old), my made my first website. It was a website for my school’s annual prom. This website allow students to book tickets and see more information about the event. This website use the latest technology of this time: Firebase and AngularJS

Iridescent Prom’s website in 2016

In 2017, I entered University of Engineering and Technology, which is a member of Vietnam National University. Here I has a good environment to develop my programming skills. I event participated in a web project of my teachers (source code can be found here)

This year, I also made my first Facebook Messenger chatbot, whose name is “Chatbot CNH“. This chatbot lets you chat anonymously with strangers. On the first day, this chatbot attracted more than 200 users, way beyond what I expected.

It then rapidly became a trend. The number of users continue to increase. I spend time to optimize the code, to make it even more secure and reliable.

Demonstration of Chatbot CNH

After that, I sold my chatbot and web solutions. From then until now, there have been many clients who are satisfied with my work.

In the summer of 2018, I went to France to continue my study. I joined Universit√© d’Aix-Marseille and had a good result in that school year.

In 2019, I did an internship at Botfuel, an enterprise that works on Conversational Marketing platform.

I’m now studying at INSA Centre Val de Loire.